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High quality, multi-use lightening powder for all techniques from scalp regrowth lightening to whole head, balayage and highlighting.

Blonde by Choice Blue Velvet Lightening powder is a premium high lifting bleach giving the maximum 9 levels of lift. The condition rich formula assists banishing yellow and gold tones evoking the purest, lightest blonde results whilst maintaining hair quality. Flexible for all lightening treatments from regrowth to whole head, balayage and highlighting.


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Combined within this bright blue powder are oxidation ingredients that can lift up to 9 levels, fatty oils from seeds fill that buffer the keratin fibres and non-oxidizing blue and violet pigments which counteract natural yellow pheomelanin pigment. Results are a true, clean blonde without compromising of hair quality.

The Blue Velvet formula contains two distinct non-oxidizing pigments. Marine Blue coupled with an Acid Violet. Whilst the Marine Blue presents as the dominant colour in the formula (hence the name Blue Velvet), the stronger pigment is actually the Acid Violet. This means the violet tone can neutralise the underlying (keratin) yellow within bleached hair, whilst the blue tone will not overpower, evoke depth or cause the blonde to turn muddy. What the presence of the blue pigment does is gently counteract heavier yellow or soft orange tones that can often be visible in bleached hair. Because the pigments are synthetic (non oxidizing), they are not blown from the hair during the bleaching process, but instead imbed within the hair.

The formula that gives you precision

Blonde by Choice Blue Velvet Bleach mixes to a super smooth, cream consistency that is not lumpy or foaming. This means you can create super precision blonde effects. Blue Velvet will not drip,slip or expand on the hair, enabling hair colour artistry to manifest as you envisage and not as you are limited to working with.

The formula that retains moisture

The mixed formula’s oil base enables the cortex to reside within a lubricated state during the bleaching process. Blue Velvet also features other ingredients which (combined) give the mixed formula a silky, cream like consistency, more akin to a colourant than a bleach. This consistency remains stable throughout application, but (unlike traditional powder bleaches that can clump), evenly coats each hair strand, to give even, consistent lightening and clean blonde results.

Blue Velvet bleach can be mixed with bond strengthening additives. Be mindful we cannot vouch for the behaviour of these products and it is important you refer to both products instructions to check compatibility, mixing and development.

Blue Velvet Bleach features an enriched conditioning formula that is capable of oxidizing colour pigment without stripping and dehydrating hair fibre. In addition, the bleach features a unique inbuilt non-oxidising blue-violet base that counteracts extreme brassy tones often seen with typical ‘raw’ bleached hair. Results from Blue Velvet bleach enable the creation of an array of blonde and lightening effects from complex colour work to the whitest, cleanest blondes.

This product must be mixed with an appropriate hydrogen peroxide developer to achieve lightening. Do not use product on hair that is damaged or snapping. Do not perm, straighten, or relax hair within two weeks of either using or intending to use this product. Do not use when the hair has previously been coloured with henna or metallic dyes.

Blue Velvet bleach gives superior lightening on even the darkest natural depths using either 6% (20 vol) or 9% (30 vol) developer. The use of 12% (40 Vol) is only recommended for freehand techniques on longer hair (from mid-lengths to ends). The use of 3% (10 Vol) is recommended for colour cleansing of artificial shades and to also achieve ‘Sunkissed’ effects on natural blonde hair.

You should always mix Blue Velvet bleach in a non-metallic bowl and use a tint brush to apply. Blue Velvet bleach can be mixed with standard cream peroxide developers or traditional liquid hydrogen peroxide.
Blue Velvet bleach mixes to the standard one to two ratio (one scope of bleach to two equal amounts of scoops of peroxide developer). Fully Mix both the bleach powder and peroxide to a smooth velvety consistency and apply to the hair immediately.

Once mixed, apply bleach to hair immediately with your chosen application method. Always wear gloves to apply and avoid placing the bleach directly on the skin.

The Below development times are to be used as a guide only. Development should always be checked at 5 minute intervals regardless of application or process being used:

30 VOL 9% Developer
Lightening of natural dark brown bases to light blonde – Max 90 mins
Regrowth only – Max 60 mins
Lightening of light to medium brown bases to light blonde – Max 60 mins
Lightening of dark to medium blonde bases to light blonde – Max 30 mins

20 VOL 6% Developer
Blonde regrowth on light to medium brown bases – Max 60 mins
Blonde regrowth on dark to medium blonde bases – Max 30 mins
Colour cleansing of darker artificial shades on all bases – Max 45 mins

10 VOL 3% Developer
Colour cleansing of tonal, semi-permanent and pastel hues – Max 15 mins
Creation of Sunkissed lightened on natural blonde/light bases – Max 25 mins

Blonde By Choice Blue Velvet Bleach is premium quality bleach capable of 9 Levels of lift and featuring a neutralising blue-violet pigment. However, before proceeding with using the product it is important you carefully read the below safety points.

This product must be mixed with an appropriate hydrogen peroxide developer to achieve lightening.

Do not use product on hair that is damaged or snapping. Do not perm, straighten, or relax hair within either two weeks of either using or intending to use this product. Do not use when the hair has previously been coloured with henna or metallic dyes.

This product is not intended for persons under the age of 16.

If (when using) any stinging, burning and or rash is experienced, rinse immediately and discontinue use as this may be an indication of more serious reaction. Always avoid product contact with eyes, if contact with eyes occurs rinse eyes immediately with lukewarm water and seek medical advice. Do not use product on eyelashes and or eyebrows and other parts of the body, do not use if the scalp is irritated or injured. Do not inhale or digest product. Mix and apply product in a well-ventilated area. Always wear gloves when mixing, applying, and rinsing the product. Avoid unnecessary skin contact, if contact with skin occurs rinse affected area immediately with lukewarm water. This product can discolour clothes and upholstery. Always wear suitable clothes or protective clothing and cover any material or upholstery you feel could encounter product during use. Once mixed with hydrogen peroxide, use immediately and do not exceed the development time stated. Always dispose of any unused mixture immediately after use. Do not attempt to keep or store mixed product. Always rinse hair well after application. Do not use metal bowl for stirring or mixing. Store this product (in container) in a cool and dry place.

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