Blue Velvet Toning Mask


Deep Conditioning mask & scalp soothing after bleach treatment. Removes yellow and brassy tones.
Creates pure, clean blondes, strengthens & hydrates hair fibres. With Lavender.
The alkaline PH required to bleach and lighten hair can be quite harsh on the scalp. After rinsing ofF your chosen bleach or lightener, calm the scalp with Blue Velvet Toning Mask. Featuring lavender and other nourishing ingredients, Blue Velvet Toning Mask reduces PH on both the hair & scalp and soothes. Whilst the fibres of the cortex are strengthened, and the cuticle resealed.
Alongside the high conditioning and scalp soothing action is exceptional toning. Anti-yellow and orange pigments infuse directly into the freshly bleached or lightened hair, creating pure white, cool silver and cream blonde results without the necessity of using a separate toner product.


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Created for professionals who regard blonde as an artform

Whether you’re lightening on the scalp, off the scalp, freehand, foils or general pre-lightening, you want to achieve the perfect healthy blonde result with speed and comfort for your client. Using Blue Velvet Toning Mask after any bleach or lightening treatment (including high lifting tints) acts as not only a pampering service for your client but serves as a three in one deep conditioner/toner/scalp soother. The unique formula offers professional colourists a simple solution to the conclusion of bleaching and lightening services, that offers superior results and blonde foundations regardless of depth.

If you are recolouring after bleaching?

If you are planning to recolour after bleaching or lightening, not a problem. Blue Velvet Toning Mask will still give your client a scalp soothing experience that is particularly beneficial if you are set to apply another chemical based colourant or toner. The mask will also even porosity and enable consistent colour results, not to mention giving the hair a neutral/pale shade that will more readily display subsequent tones & depths applied.

Perfect for home use too

Blue Velvet Toning Mask is also a perfect home use solution for every client who is Blonde by Choice. A weekly treatment with the mask will keep neutral tones topped up, keep the bleached hair hydrated and strong and ensure the overall quality remains intact, regardless of regular styling, brushing or environmental conditions, which can all impact blonde appearance.


After Bleaching/Lightening:

After fully rinsing out your bleach, lightener or high-lifting tint, gently pat away excess water and apply Blue Velvet Toning Mask (firstly) to the root areas, massaging into the scalp before working through mid-lengths and ends. Based on level of toning required, leave the mask on the hair from between 1 and 10 minutes. You will see the toning pigments working on the lightened hair and depositing. Be mindful that existing white/neutral blondes will tone to a cool silver whilst very orange hair can only tone to a lightest golden brown, due to the level of depth remaining in the hair.

For Home Use

For best results, use Blue Velvet Toning Mask as a weekly deep repair and toning treatment. For intense toning and high nourishing effects, apply to freshly clarified hair. Massage into scalp and using a tangle comb, work through to mid-lengths and ends. Next, wrap the hair in either cling film or a shower cap and wait for 5 minutes for general blondes and 20 minutes for intense silver blonde results.

Product Type

Colour Correction



Aqua (Water), Cetearyl Alcohol, Cetrimonium Chloride, Triethanolamine, Parfum (Fragrance), Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Basic Blue 99, Basic Yellow 87.


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